Case Studies

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Shutting down bad actors in a single click

NortonLifeLock's massive user community attracts a passionate customer base. Unfortunately it also attracted a population of content opportunists. That is, until BKJ Digital built the administrative and security tools needed to make one-click community management possible.

Learn how BKJ made a security company more secure
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Fixing the seemingly unfixable

Molecular Devices' lead generation form was their most important sales avenue, and it was broken. Worse yet, two other agencies had attempted to address and remedy the situation, and failed.

Discover BKJ’s forensic approach to troubleshooting
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Decreasing technical debt while increasing content accessibility

Symantec's partners needed to get content and assets based on their specific partnership level. But building a robust resource through Adobe Experience Manager was complex, to say the least.

Learn how BKJ built a portal that enabled personalization
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Enabling access to marketing assets through a partner portal

Channel managers needed to easily get the right marketing assets to internal and external partners, but faced complexities of distinct user access requirements and system limitations. Everything from social content to pitch decks needed to be geographically targeted and partner centric.

See how smart user experience design solves partner access challenges

White Papers

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Structural Tune-Ups: The Enterprise Marketer's Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Market

While enterprise marketers are tasked with steering business transformation, their efforts rely on internal systems and capabilities. If one cog in the machine fails to function optimally, speed to market can take a major hit. In this guide we'll tackle internal challenges head-on, by addressing common barriers and providing solutions to ensure digital transformation at speed.

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Reduce Your Reputational Risk: A Guide to Mitigate Marketing Blindspots Associated with PII

Data collection is part of customer-facing enterprise operations, marketing strategies, and customer care solutions. But how much of that data is providing value, and how much only adds to the business' liabilities? In this guide, we'll help marketers identify Personally Identifiable Information (PII) blindspots and provide mitigation strategies to help reduce data collection and retention risks.

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