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Molecular Devices' lead generation form on their website was their most important sales avenue, and it was broken. Worse yet, two other agencies had attempted to address and remedy the situation, and failed.


BKJ's forensic approach to troubleshooting allowed them to spot the issue fairly immediately, thanks to the depth of their experience working with complex API integrations.


Molecular Devices' sales funnel was interrupted. For an organization providing complex hardware solutions to thousands of laboratories around the world, a disruption of this size within their sales process threatened the future of the organization. The issue was the critical and recurring failure of the lead generation form on the enterprise website. The lead generation form and the website were consistently identified by the company's marketing leadership as the primary conversion channel for sales. And the lights kept going out.

A previous technology partner had constructed the website, and the form, where the pervasive issue developed. In the wake of that partner's departure, another technology consulting firm was brought in to diagnose and correct the issue. When that partner similarly failed to find the critical issue, Molecular Devices was running out of time and options. Reaching out to former colleagues and partners for their recommendations for a technology partner that could jump into the middle of the fire and put it out, a contact at Symantec quickly recommended BKJ Digital.

Within days the problem was solved.

Thanks to BKJ's forensic approach to troubleshooting the issue was identified readily. The problem was the form's integration with Salesforce. An error in the API integration was the critical point of failure. Unless that issue was properly identified and remedied, the form was perpetually doomed to fail again and again.

BKJ was able to spot the issue right away for two reasons inherent to their unique approach and qualifications.

First, because BKJ is steeped in engineering massive, complex software solutions at enterprise scale, an API is an API. Salesforce is a particularly robust and complex system to integrate elegantly. Thanks to BKJ's experience however, even more complex API integrations are less daunting challenges to solve.

While that experience is valuable, what makes BKJ unique is where the team's experience lives. It lives on the front lines of client services, within the expertise of the BKJ principals and team members who lead client engagements. It's not hidden behind layers of client services infrastructure. Or behind the lines of account managers, solution architects, and project managers that inhabit larger consulting organizations. BKJ's experience exists at ground level. As a result, Molecular Devices' issues weren't filtered through layers and layers of consulting bureaucracy.

The team members who took the initial call when Molecular Devices explained their issues, were the very same team members who forensically plunged into the code. They were the same team members who had previously done similar critical work over the past decade, with a host of clients across a massive variety of issues. BKJ's value lives at the fingertips of the organization.

Beyond repairing the Salesforce integration, BKJ was also able to pivot immediately into improving the UX of the newly stable lead generation form turning a weakness into a strength, quickly. Damage control became a forensic diagnosis, turned into a solution, and evolved into optimization in days.