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Ben Durbin headshot

Ben Durbin

Director of Technology & Founding Partner

From high-level strategy to prototyping, deployment and long-term support, Ben brings decades of technical leadership to any project. With expertise in technology selection and agile project management, Ben helps actualize smart technical solutions that are intelligently optimized for success.

Kevin Millecam headshot

Kevin Millecam

Client Relations Director & Founding Partner

For nearly three decades, Kevin has been thinking outside the box for all sorts and sizes of businesses. His resume includes productivity, sales, and marketing solutions for a long list of Fortune 500 firms. Kevin helps clients create, deploy, and optimize unique digital solutions that deliver a truly competitive edge.

A photo of BKJ Digital team member Kevin Montgomery.

Kevin Montgomery

Development Manager

For 13+ years, Kevin has been building Drupal-based sites. Everything from small subsites for clients to managing marketing properties for 500+ person startups. Originally a front-end engineer, Kevin shifted his focus to back-end development, building API-driven projects, Solr-search enabled sites, and several custom modules that have since been released on Drupal.

Tim Dery headshot

Tim Dery

DevOps Engineer

From product development to support, from validation to systems engineering, Tim can often be found asking "How can we do this better?". Tim's work within tech companies big and small enforces the range of experience he brings to his collaboration with our clients.

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Today's onslaught of platform advancements, shifting technologies, evolving customer expectations, and net-new business models can be dizzying. With our rapidly changing landscape, marketing departments are having to continually rethink digital and IT strategies. Often faster than IT departments can deliver on.

We all know that Digital Transformation is critical to customer and business success. But when the goal post keeps moving, it's better to have a team behind you than go it alone.

Since 2016, BKJ Digital has worked closely with Marketers as their strategic partner in streamlining, building, and delivering smarter digital experiences at every level. No more dizzying.

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Jeremy Caldwell headshot

Jeremy Caldwell

Front-End Development

Jeremy specializes in front-end development, site development, and UX. He enjoys working on complex projects that allow him to think creatively and provide solutions and workflows which improve the usability of the site for both admins and users alike.

Kelly Durbin headshot

Kelly Durbin

Quality Assurance, Process Documentation, Content Support

With an eye for detail and an affinity for order, Kelly was tailor made for quality assurance. Whether preparing for a release or creating process documentation, her penchant for the minutiae ensures that the final product goes out looking nothing less than its absolute best.

Andrei Zvonkov headshot

Andrei Zvonkov

User Experience, Design

Andrei specializes in creating simple and effective digital solutions. From design through development, his focus is on designing digital experiences for real humans. Andrei works with BKJ to design and build fast, accessible and easy to use websites. Development encompasses responsive design for both web and app’s, prototyping, and build in HTML, CSS, JS, React and more.

Darren Zinkhon headshot

Darren Zinkhon

Quality Assurance, Process Documentation

Darren has been working with customers and implementing operational initiatives with a wide range of companies for the past 20 years. Currently, he is a consultant with BKJ Digital doing development utilizing the open source Drupal platform along with the Angular framework.