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Empower Teams with Digital Tools

The reality of remote work as a new industry standard, coupled with globalization of the workforce, has led to a greater need for software and enterprise digital platforms that empower geographically-diverse teams. According to Harvard Business Review, more than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their knowledge workers in 2022. Forbes believes there is no going back, and that performance, productivity and security are the most important technology considerations required for the future of work.

Collaboration and organizational cohesion are hard to perfect in enterprise businesses in this new remote world. In fact, 86% of employees in managerial positions attribute workplace failings to a lack of collaboration. And these difficulties are amplified in large enterprise organizations when workflows span across borders. 

Through platform integration & empowerment, you can ensure that all of your internal enterprise platforms talk to each other and effectively support team needs. Content strategy solutions will then enable collaboration and efficiency of those teams. And from a sales or customer service perspective, digital tools are critical to ensuring an effective customer experience.

A client recently shone a light on the critical benefit of this, in reaching their goal to grow sales while increasing efficiency of their teams. They wanted to enable their global distribution partners to download customized digital sales kits. As such, they needed the digital infrastructure to allow their partners to quickly identify, select, and download the necessary digital assets. Assets needed to be the most up to date brand standards, customized by audience, need and geography. 

Performance, productivity and security are the most important technology considerations required for the future of work.

Building a Partner Toolkit to Rule Them All

Our solution was to design and build a "Partner Toolkit" digital infrastructure to empower their teams. This allows the client to upload and store tools, training materials, and marketing assets that can be readily downloaded by their global partners. 

We elevated this system to the next level by building a robust asset tagging system to help categorize each item. Every uploaded item is tagged so that partners can only access assets that are necessary for and relevant to them. This serves a dual purpose — It reduces the time spent sorting through excessive items and provides a form of gated permission controls. Now, if a partner located in Southeast Asia is marketing the client's product and services to consulting firms, that client can only see and access items with the relevant tags. 

Another custom functionality that we created was a Salesforce integration. Using this API, the Partner Toolkit can pull information about partners from Salesforce to match them with assets that suit their specific geographic and business needs. 

Using our experience, expertise, and intuition, we managed to ideate, construct, and implement a tailor-made, pragmatic, and robust solution for this client. Empowering their teams with impactful (and secure) digital tools.

This is just one of many examples of digital tools that can empower your teams – to drive efficiency and improve user experience. Take a fresh look at your team painpoints, customer engagement experiences and sales opportunities to see where digital tools could more effectively work for you. If you'd like to discuss your organization's marketing technology needs, reach out to us. We unburden IT departments and execute compelling solutions that marketers and C-suite executives love. If you'd like to learn more, you can read more about our other success stories here