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NortonLifeLock’s online community was a huge success. One of the challenges any robust user community faces is discerning the difference between engaged and passionate users, and opportunists seeking to use the community as a content platform. As a security company, the perception stakes were even higher for NortonLifeLock to successfully manage user behavior.


Avoiding more drastic solutions like “killing commenting” that diminish the value of a community, BKJ built community tools that empowered community managers to manage questionable users, while defending the integrity of NortonLifeLock’s valuable online community.


NortonLifeLock’s online user community is a vital resource for customers. NortonLifeLock was early to embrace a robust user community, and had worked hard to develop and maintain the community’s value. That value came with a risk however, as opportunistic content creators began targeting the NortonLifeLock user audience. The risk of bad actors targeting and subsequently devaluing any online community, is a gradual and measurable threat.

The risk to a security company’s online community? That’s a PR and perception crisis.

Traditional community security either attacked each issue on a case by case basis, or utilized programmatic solutions. A case-by-case approach wasn’t a feasible solution. Not at the scale a community the size of NortonLifeLock’s demanded. Unfortunately programmatic solutions were off the table too. In the advent of GDPR compliance neither of the leading software candidates, Mollom or Akismet, were prepared to meet compliance standards.

After exhausting other options, BKJ Digital built a custom solution that attacked the issue with exponential effect. Using advanced data analytics, BKJ’s security solution identified critical patterns and trends among negative user behavior and content, within the community’s larger database of users and content.

Based on these indicators, the software empowered community managers to immediately quarantine massive blocks of content and user accounts. Bad operators could be swept up, and their content eliminated, in one-click.