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Eight Tech Trends to Consider When Planning for the Near-Term

In a rapidly-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead isn't just about having the latest and greatest technology; it's about undergoing digital transformation projects that are designed to grow and adapt to the changing business environment.

The tech industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape. Whether or not your organization is a part of the tech industry now, today's evolving digital demands are foundationally impacting how you do business.

In this article, we call on industry insights and our experience in the field to identify 8 tech-industry trends that we think you should be keeping an eye on as we head into the future.

Forbes recently spoke with 16 tech leaders to outline some of the significant challenges currently shaping the digital landscape and its impact on businesses. We've pulled the 8 challenges that, based on our experience, are trends that you should watch out for as you plan for the year ahead.

Driving Innovation with Sustainable Growth

The Challenge: Balancing Future Strategy With Tactical Challenges

"Don't sacrifice your future strategy for the sake of executing today." - Daniela Moody, Arturo

Moody encourages you to equip your business with qualified teams that can carry you through the ups and downs of your digital transformation journey, and we couldn't agree more. Check out this case study of how the right team can turn a technical failure into an opportunity for innovation: Fixing the Seemingly Unfixable with Molecular Devices

IT backlogs can present a huge barrier-to-market; in today’s digital era, internal teams have a lot on their plate as it stands. We recommend strategically selecting partners to support your digital teams and get your digital transformation projects off the ground. An outsourced team should work as a strategic and executional partner on as much or as little of your digital transformation as you need, helping you tackle some of the common barriers-to-market

Perseverance for Tech Prosperity

The Challenge: Doing The 'Dirty Work' Of Digital Transformation

"Execs must intentionally do the "dirty work" of DX, such as removing silos and other barriers to change, adjusting leader mindsets and dispensing with legacy structures or conventions to ensure that real value can be sustained over the long term." - Ricardo Madan, TEKSystems

In our latest white paper, we address common barriers and provide solutions to ensure digital transformation at speed. Read Structural Tune-Ups: The Enterprise Marketer's Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Market here.

Empowering Your Teams, Top to Bottom

The Challenge: The Increased 'Power' That Comes From Modern Tech Stacks

"Never before have employees so low on an org chart had the ability to influence an entire company's balance sheets with a single action (or lack of action)." - Amit Eyal Govrin,

Govrin's key challenge speaks to a critical component of digital adoption within an organization; If your teams struggle to embrace new technology, your tech stack can work against the processes and procedures it's designed to elevate.

Whether working within enterprise infrastructure like Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, or Drupal (and, especially, if you’re working without supportive tools), platforms and users need to reach their potential through expertly intuitive customizations that are thoughtfully implemented. You need to seamlessly integrate third-party platforms, and empower all stakeholders to optimize the technology needed to reach your goals.

This could involve bringing existing tools up to current standards, getting your platforms talking to each other, or implementing new enterprise technology. It could also involve content publishing solutions and specific digital tools designed to support distinct user groups.

If you’re looking to learn more, read how a customized Partner Toolkit supported both Symantec's channel Marketers and IT departments in this case study.

Happy Tech Teams Lead to Happier Customers

The Challenge: Meeting Customers' Growing Expectations

"Keeping up with advancements in technology, the fast pace of software releases and product-led growth initiatives combine to create unique challenges for tech teams. Customers today expect self-serve products and fast, automated responses to their support requests, as well as a top-notch product experience." - Palak Dalal Bhatia, IrisAgent

You built your customer-facing digital interfaces for success. So, when success hits, is your organization capable of keeping up? As you know, the stakes are high. Here's a case study on how quick and essential adjustments saved Norton LifeLock's bustling online community from trouble.

Seamless as the Standard

The Challenge: Providing End-To-End Solutions

"A technology vendor providing fundamental or horizontal technology to a customer may not have all the domain knowledge (and timeliness) needed to get applications developed and into production." - Yu Xu, TigerGraph

Xu recommends working with domain experts and partners with the right technical skill sets and experience to provide end-to-end solutions that are fast and reliable.

Building Solutions that Grow with You 

The Challenge: The Need To Be Increasingly Agile

"We are experiencing unprecedented evolution in the technology environment and in the ways in which tech teams form and work together. The fast pace of innovation, a lack of skilled resources and the pressure to leverage distributed teams are among the utmost pressing challenges." - Massimiliano Pesce, Urbana Smart Solutions

In a rapidly-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead isn't just about having the latest and greatest technology; it's about undergoing digital transformation projects that are designed to grow and adapt to the changing business environment. Stay in the know with our list of case studies and white papers

Parsing the Cutting and Bleeding Edge of Digital Strategy

The Challenge: Balancing Performance With Managing Risk

"[Today's tech leaders] must drive performance and customer satisfaction while managing the risks of digital change." - Carmen Ene, 3stepIT

Ene is right - businesses today are tasked with striving for new levels of tech-enabled success while mitigating emerging sources of risk. This white paper on mitigating marketing blindspots associated with Personally Identifiable Information offers refreshing insight into one of the many angles through which risk can be faced.

Cohesion in the Blue Print

The Challenge: Enhancing Collaboration

"In 2022, a big challenge is enhancing collaboration across teams and departments. With the financial situation taking a turn, it will be interesting to see how teamwork can be improved to enable better and more productive results." - Adi Polak,

At BKJ Digital, when we work with clients to elevate, build, and refine their digital transformation projects, we see them as partners. On our LinkedIn page, we constantly offer real-world examples of how collaborative problem-solving can lead to more resilient, collaboration-optimized solutions. Follow us for insider insights in real-time.

As you know, refining your digital strategy is no longer about settling into the digital age (smart marketers did that years ago); it's about optimizing for it. With the right background information, resources and the latest insights, you can execute a digital strategy that will withstand the test of changing times.

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