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Symantec marketers couldn’t independently publish content as needed. Any edits to their CMS required coordinating that effort through the enterprise IT organization, which was too burdened with other responsibilities to meet demand.


Extending AEM through a multi-use CMS, BKJ built a content hub that gave marketers the tools they needed to publish content themselves, increasing speed and reducing effort to publish.


Symantec publishes a massive amount of content. While thought leadership from Symantec’s Security and Research teams is a foundation for the organization’s global marketing efforts, other groups within the organization similarly need to publish and update content rapidly. From podcasts and blog posts, to original intellectual property and industry research, to GDPR compliance material, Symantec was consistently under deadline to publish a wide variety of content, and demand far outpaced speed of delivery.

The gap between publishing needs and publishing capabilities inherently led to opportunity costs and inefficiency, but there were profound existential risks as well. GDPR regulatory law required Symantec to update and produce compliance materials. These publishing delays could have material impact on the bottom line.

Publishing content required changes to Symantec’s Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CMS. In order to publish anything Symantec publishers needed assistance from the enterprise I.T. organization. Every piece of content that needed to be published, became a ticket for the I.T. team. A team already operating at an incredibly high velocity to meet Symantec’s other software and technology needs. Marketers were falling behind, developers were snowed in with tickets, and the stakes were getting higher.

Working alongside Symantec’s Marketing and I.T. organizations, BKJ Digital designed and built a Content Hub solution that put publishing back in the hands of the publishers. BKJ constructed a publishing platform from a carefully selected multi-use CMS that would not only empower publishers, but would also syndicate content back to AEM, retaining platform integrity.

The Content Hub was built to offer each publishing team a unique user interface and user experience based on their content needs. The podcasting team, blogging team, product, security, and research were each armed with the publishing tools they needed to improve speed of delivery and publishing frequency. Visibility was improved among teams as automated updates notified users of newly produced content. And the GDPR documentation? Formerly laboriously published and replaced as a pdf, the compliance docs are now updated immediately, digitally, reducing the publishing lag time to zero.