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Palo Alto Networks aimed to propel their Fuel User Group Community to meet and exceed the company’s growth, address the needs of its existing infrastructure and to improve the user experience. Recognizing the need for a more adaptable and scalable system, they sought a comprehensive solution that could modernize their infrastructure, meet current and future customer and industry requirements, enhance the user experience, and ensure an ecosystem for sustained growth.


BKJ Digital empowered Palo Alto Networks in creating a versatile community infrastructure that aligned with the evolving needs of the Fuel Community. Through collaborative consultations with stakeholders, BKJ helped define a new set of features and capabilities tailored to the community's future. This involved evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new technology stack that puts editorial control in the hands of the stakeholders and removes unnecessary features, resulting in an optimized and enhanced user experience.


The transformative measures implemented by Palo Alto Networks, with the guidance and support of BKJ, had a significant positive impact on the Fuel Community. Through the comprehensive solution, several key areas were greatly improved, resulting in streamlined membership management, simplified content management, an enhanced user experience, and a mobile-friendly design.

  1. Improved Membership Management and Event Registration: By adopting the Bevy community events platform, Fuel streamlined its membership management and event registration processes. This enabled a seamless experience for members, facilitating their engagement and participation.

  2. Simplified Content Management: BKJ migrated supporting pages to user-friendly technologies such as Storyblok CMS and the Vercel front-end platform. This empowered editors with a simpler workflow, eliminating the need for constant IT assistance and enabling swift content updates.

  3. Enhanced User Experience: Through careful analysis, BKJ identified and eliminated underutilized areas of the community, ensuring that members could focus on the most valuable and relevant content. The integration of modern technologies like Slack facilitated member collaboration and networking, fostering a vibrant and interactive community environment.

  4. Mobile-Friendly Design: The visual identity of the community was refreshed, and the experience was optimized for mobile and tablet devices. This ensured members could access and engage with the community seamlessly, regardless of their preferred devices.

Thanks to the insightful recommendations and rigorous support of BKJ, the Palo Alto team successfully launched an enhanced user experience that not only improved the form and function of the application but also catered to the needs of a diverse global audience of Fuel User Group community members.