Empowering Teams for Success: BKJ Digital's Collaborative Partnership with Flexera


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Flexera, a technology company, sought a trusted partner to augment their small marketing web team tasked with supporting a large organization. They needed to ensure the security, reliability,  and performance  of their marketing systems to meet the elastic demand for new projects within their digital landscape.BKJ Digital successfully addressed Flexera's needs, providing them with a trustworthy partnership and empowering them to take control of their systems. By implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), sharing knowledge, and collaborating transparently, BKJ established a foundation of trust with Flexera. 

The introduction of automated testing and the mindset shift towards treating applications as living entities contributed to improved system security and efficiency. Through this partnership, Flexera was able to overcome their challenges, achieve their desired outcomes, and set the stage for continued success in their digital transformation journey.


BKJ Digital devised a comprehensive solution to address Flexera's challenges and empower their team.

  1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    BKJ Digital established clear procedures and guidelines for each facet of system maintenance and implementation, ensuring consistency and efficiency in execution.

  2. Team Empowerment

    The BKJ team not only performed the necessary tasks but also empowered Flexera's team by training them on best practices. This enabled them to take charge of their systems once the project was completed.

  3. Transparent Collaboration

    BKJ worked alongside Flexera's team with complete transparency, fostering trust and open communication throughout the project.

  4. Introduction to Automated Testing

    BKJ introduced automated end-to-end testing to streamline the Quality Assurance (QA) process. This enabled Flexera's team to make changes more rapidly while ensuring system stability.

  5. Mindset Transformation

    BKJ Digital helped Flexera adopt a mindset of treating applications as living entities. This approach instilled the habit of regular updates, ultimately contributing to improved security and reliability.


BKJ Digital, with their expertise in empowering teams and setting them up for success, assisted Flexera in overcoming the following challenges:

  • Reviewing the technology stack and configuration settings of Flexera's web applications.

  • Updating out-of-date system components and libraries while ensuring the absence of regressions.

  • Analyzing and enhancing the infrastructure setup for security and maintainability.

  • Implementing a standardized QA process and transitioning towards automated end-to-end testing.

  • Resolving a deep backlog of tasks that had accumulated over several quarters.

  • Introducing a 3rd party translation service for the swift publication of foreign-language content.

In the process, BKJ also became a trusted long-term partner for Flexera, to jump into as much or as little additional support as needed for future projects.