Seamlessly Adapt to Changing Project Scopes with AWS Cloud Flexibility


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Symantec identified the opportunity to migrate a number of sizable web applications from traditional data center hosting to the cloud, and engaged BKJ Digital in the process. Little did we know that a significant turn of events would occur mid-project: Symantec was acquired by Broadcom, leading to a major change in the project's scope. However, rather than experiencing a setback, it became an opportunity to showcase the resilience and flexibility of AWS Cloud Migration.


The solution was found in performing "lift and shift" migration of only those applications required in the new business structure, where we took running applications and moved them to AWS. By employing Kubernetes clusters and containerization, BKJ Digital successfully adapted the cloud infrastructure to accommodate the revised requirements following Symantec's acquisition by Broadcom. The flexibility of the AWS cloud allowed for a seamless adjustment of the final solution, ensuring that only the necessary applications were migrated to the cloud while minimizing the need for extensive rearchitecting. Additionally, the pay-as-you-go model of the AWS cloud provided financial resilience, ensuring cost optimization by only paying for the actual resources used, effectively mitigating the impact of the mid-project acquisition.


Utilizing the power of AWS Cloud Services, with scope changes mid-project, allowed BKJ to quickly deliver a combination of resource flexibility, to right-size the infrastructure, adapt quickly amidst change, and drive cost efficiencies.

Flexibility: AWS provided the flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions. The absence of pre-commitment of resources allowed the team to tailor the final solution based on the applications that were actually required after the acquisition, ensuring resource optimization and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Right-Sizing Infrastructure: The use of Kubernetes clusters and containerization as the backbone of the migration project enabled BKJ Digital to right-size the cloud infrastructure. This meant that the infrastructure could be adjusted to match the applications that were being migrated, even with the significant scope change. This approach minimized the need for extensive reworking and streamlined the migration process.

Adaptability: Highlighting the importance of being able to adapt to unexpected changes, even in well-planned projects, cannot be overstated.  The cloud's inherent flexibility allowed BKJ Digital to navigate the scope changes effectively, and seamlessly adjust the migration plan accordingly. The ability to quickly respond to evolving business conditions is a significant advantage offered by AWS cloud migration.

Cost Optimization: The pay-as-you-go model of the AWS cloud provided financial resilience to the project. Costs incurred are based on actual usage rather than upfront capital expenditures. This cost optimization approach helped mitigate the impact of the mid-project acquisition and ensured efficient resource allocation throughout the migration process.

Overall, the BKJ team could tailor the optimal final solution to what was actually needed after the post-acquisition dust settled. Maximum solution impact, limited scope impact, and no disruption to the consumer experience.